2020’s Biggest Web Design Trends

There are many website designers who do not like following trends. After all, your website should be different from others, and that what creativity stands for!

But it is essential to gather information about the latest trends as it can help getting an idea of what you are competing against and how much you have to push yourself to create something different from others.

So, here we made a list of the trends which have been able to create a stir amongst the website designers.

  1. 3-dimensional illustration

Just when we thought that there is nothing much to experiment with website designing, some of the most renowned brands made us realize that we can still do a lot with an old-fashioned form of illustration: 3D.

With this illustration style, designers have been able to add depth and realism to graphics, blurring the thin line between the digital and physical worlds along with adding more contrast to the digital elements for manipulating the real world.

  1. Outlined type

This year was all about trying new typographies- one of which is outlined type. So what is outline type typography?

When a scalable font has outlines that are geometrically defined, then it is called an outline font. This half-there and half-gone texts are very effective in immediately drawing attention. And therefore, it has been able to be one of the handiest techniques for making people memorize any brand.

  1. Use of brutal images and texts

You must have heard a lot of people saying that the future is a brutal place to live. Well, that’s absolutely true!

In today’s world, brutalism is one of the trendiest themes that seem attractive to most of us. And there is no denying that it has now moved into the branded spotlight, out of design’s subculture.

  1. Retro styles

In 2019, most of the designers opted to put it quirkier and more nostalgic styles forward- at least when it is for the headlines. These retro-ish fonts and graphics, above feature full weight ranges, make it perfect for the flexibility of editorial work.

  1. CSS grid

Who would have thought that web designers and developers would love to play with grids? However, the truth is that grids have made it to trends!

This type of placement helps in properly centering things, both in vertical as well as horizontal directions. The only drawback is that you won’t have control over the horizontal and vertical elements, simultaneously.

So, these are just a few trends that every business owner, designer, and developer should know to design a website that is creative and unique than others and has the potential to create trends in the near future.

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